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[image]UFOsOver Taiwan4:33Aug17nocontrast - Dan Flynn
This is the no contrast photo. What appeared to be red lights in the contrast adjusted picture were probably an aberration.
Keywords: UFOs; Unexplained; Flying Saucers
Downloads: 65
[image]UFO's over Taidong - Dan Flynn
Two UfOs flying over Taidong, Taiwan. Aug17 2010 4:29pm.
Keywords: UFOs; Unexplained; Flying Saucers
Downloads: 81
[image]Image of two UFOs over Coastal Mountain Range, Taiwan - Dan Flynn
This is an image of two UFOs flying over the southern end of the Coastal Mountain Range, Taidong at 4:34 on Aug. 17 2010.
Keywords: UFOs; Unexplained; Flying Saucers
Downloads: 147
[audio]Flying Saucers 1960 - Roy Trumbull
In August of 1960 the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of American held their national convention at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The space people requested that their leader Gabriel Green run for president of the United States. Both true believers and skeptics turned out for the event. In those times the people claiming to have been in saucers or to have had contact with saucer people were called "contactees"...
Keywords: flying saucers; politics; contactees
Downloads: 8,723
A look at various web sites that focus on aliens and unidentified flying objects. Guests include Dan Plonsie, webmaster for, a site that has lots of information about UFOs and spacey topics; Jerry Bjornson, head of Abductees Anonymous, an organization for people claiming to have been abducted by aliens; and "Chris" (also known as Schwa Head) who reviews several flying saucer sites including MUFON and Schwa Corporation...
Keywords: aliens; flying saucers; abductions
Downloads: 10,505 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]Mystic, Baby UFO Adventure - Cassandra Morrison
Flying Saucers Are Real---AREN'T THEY?
Keywords: Friedman; Redfern; Raven; Flying Saucers
Downloads: 105
[audio]the beep vs the flying saucers - the carport orchestra
A chilling encounter. *
Keywords: science fiction; flying saucers; electronic
Downloads: 89
[audio]SomeNews Podcast 23 - Rihanna's Cover Up, Aussie Baby Boom and Flying Saucers - Mr Steve N Allen
In this podcast... Rihanna's boob. A man who made a flying saucer. An Aussie baby boom.
Keywords: Rihanna; Baby Boom; Flying Saucers
Downloads: 16
[audio]The Shining Cow by Alex James - Roy Trumbull
If your missing cow turns up radiating blue-white light brighter than the midday sun, can you still milk her? We assemble the usual experts and state troopers to find out.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; Alex James; cows; farms; flying saucers; audio books
Downloads: 111
[audio]I'm A Stranger Here Myself by Mack Reynolds - Roy Trumbull
Tangier is a city where anything goes. Being polite involves not asking anyone too many questions. At a sidewalk cafe two men are speculating about flying saucers. Both have come a considerable distance to get there.
Keywords: Tangier; flying saucers; extra terrestrials; sci-fi; space tourists
Downloads: 107
[texts]ANOMALY, An Irregular Newslette edited by John Keel - John Keel
"FLYING SAUCERS. This is the first and last time you will see those two words in this publication.  We hope to establish ANOMALY as an irregular newsletter devoted entirely to the statistical and scientific analysis of all the many neglected ecological, parapsychological and psychiatric aspects surrounding the study of aerial anomalies (AA).  We are primarily concerns with collecting and correlating all known AA events in a systematic manner so that we may eventually produce a valid body of ...
Keywords: John Keel; Anomaly; Flying Saucers; UFO; Anomalous phenomena
Downloads: 466
[movies]the metry wrecks - alien love smugglers from outer space - M.A. Sample
a bit of saturday matinee madness, provided by the metry wrecks, the radar men from the moon, flash gordon, the undersea kingdom, and a cast of thousands... an epic of a few mintutes proportions!
Keywords: space; serials; explosions; action; adventure; flying saucers; rock-n-roll
Downloads: 414
[audio]Wendy Connors - UFOLOGY A PRIMER in AUDIO 1947 – 1964 Volume 1 (2nd edit.)
These files represent a collection of ufological oral history that cover the first appearances of flying saucers and UFOs in the popular Western media. They were compiled by Wendy Connors for her Faded Discs archives with material sourced from libraries and private collections like those of the Center for UFO Studies. She subjected herself to untold ear-ache and digitally remastered them to be more suitable for modern hearing tastes...
Keywords: Wendy Connors; Faded Discs; CUFOS; UFO; Ufology; Flying Saucers; NICAP
Downloads: 3,016
[audio]ParaNet Continuum Show 97 - Michael Corbin
The ParaNet Continuum radio show #97 (February 18, 1996) hosted by Michael Corbin and featuring a rare interview with Albert M. (Al) Chop, U.S. Air Force press officer during the infamous Washington, D.C. flyover of unidentified flying aircraft in 1952.
Keywords: Al Chop; DC flyover; flying saucers; ParaNet Continuum; UFOs; Unidentified Fying Objects
Downloads: 14
[texts]Attitudes Towards Technology in the 1950's Contactee Movement - Chris Hallquist
This paper was written for the class "History of Science 339: Technology and its Critics since WWII." The term "contactee movement" refers to quasi-religious groups in the 1950's that claimed to be receiving messages from extraterrestrials. This paper examines the extent to which the movment was driven by contemporary hopes and fears regarding technolgoy. Author's website:
Keywords: George Adamski; Daniel Fry; When Prophecy Fails; UFOs; flying saucers; nuclear weapons; cults; religion
Downloads: 310
[movies]Plan Nine From Outer Space UPGRADE
A group of goal-focused aliens ("Our first eight tries flopped, but we'll keep trying!") start raising the dead so they can conquer the world. How they plan to do so by using cardboard flying saucers, exploding sunbeams and a couple of miles of stock footage is anybody's guess. Features the wasp-waisted Maila Nurmi, the vast-waisted Tor Johnson, Tom Mason as "Ghoul Man with Cape Over Face" and the ever-durable Lyle Talbot.And remember: We are all interested in the future, for that is where you a...
Keywords: Plan Nine; Ed Wood; Lyle Talbot; Bela Lugosi; Vampira; zombies; flying saucers; Criswell
Downloads: 1,437
[texts]Is There Intelligent Life On Earth? - Alexander Baron
A pamphlet taking a sideways look at the loony Aetherius Society. Researched and written by Alexander Baron, (born 1956). One of my earlier, skeptical efforts on the ITMA label. The full title reads thus: Is There Intelligent Life On Earth? Inside the Whacky World of the Aetherius Society by Alexander Baron DTP., WP., PQB45., Metropolitan Exposer of Terrestrial Wind Ups
Keywords: Aetherius Society; alien contactees; flying saucers; George King; nutters; Richard Lawrence; UFOs
Downloads: 123
[movies]International-UFO-Congress.2010 -
Buy this presentation on DVD: Jaime Maussan & Santiago Garza Presents ET: The New Agenda - International UFO Congress 2010 Jaime and Santiago will present an exclusive report of UFOs in space, the continuing wave of UFOs in Mexico, the most spectacular sighting in 2009 and an update on the investigation of the Metepec Creature with DNA analysis. They will show four 2009 shuttle missions by NASA showing a variety of UFOs and anomalies during the transmissions...
Keywords: UFO sightings; UFOs; flying saucers; aliens; ETs; extraterrestrials; Mexico; Jaime Maussan; 2010; crop circles; England
Downloads: 12,301
[movies]The Lunacy Of Denial - Alexander Baron
This is a short video I made for April Fool's Day, 2011. The link was E-Mailed to various parties with the following message: It hurts to admit you're wrong, especially when you've been conned. Most people refuse to admit they were wrong, much less that they've been duped. For the past thirty years I have been wrong, worse than that, I have been duped, and made to look stupid. What sort of idiot would dispute the veracity of a phenomenon years in duration, continental in scope, attested to by co...
Keywords: April Fool; conspiracy; contactees; fallacious reasoning; flying saucers; George Adamski; Holocaust denial; Holocaust Revisionism; satire; Travis Walton
Downloads: 92
[movies]Funny or Die Video f333b00fb3: The Flying Saucer Salesman - frollicking - Funny or Die
Our Flying Saucer Salesman is in a park. He might be chasing, or testing, or running away from some of his flying saucers
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Running Away; The Flying Saucer; flying saucer; flying saucers; marketing; orbit; park; salesman; spoof; ufo
Downloads: 19
[texts]George Adamski Was A Liar - Marc HALLET
George Adamski was maybe the most important american ufo contactee. Here are the proofs that he was a liar.
Keywords: ufo; contactee; venusian; Orthon; saucers; flying saucers; Adamski; Rodeffer; Rodeffer film; ufo pictures; Moon; fireflies; Darbishire; Desmond Leslie; footprints
Downloads: 77
[movies]"Maria Orsic" by Darryl Monroe - Darryl Monroe , WORDS AND MUSIC
Hypnotic spoken word over electronic background about quasi meth mythical Maria Orsic...a medium from Germany who was active from the early 20ties to the end of World War 2 when her and her medium sisters disappeared ... she claimed to be in touch with a superior race of aliens from the Aldebaran Star system....some say she was ageless and has appeared and reappeared throughout history, going to Aldebaran for awhile then coming back...this is a totally fictional account of encountering her in th...
Keywords: Maria Orsic; Vril; UFO; Nazi flying saucers; Darryl Monroe; Salton Sea; Meatwagon; Nazi Mythology, Sex Magic, Sex Majick , Aldebaran
Downloads: 1,267
[movies]Ivan Marx's The Legend Of Bigfoot - Special Edition
A painstakingly researched, enhanced and extended cut of Ivan Marx controversial documentary. More informative and a good bit creepier than the original cut. Marx encounters a small female sasquatch, ancient American Indian markings, witnesses who have encountered mysterious "U.F.O.s"and headless creatures with glowing eyes, which would later come to be known as "Mothmen". Some say Marx was far ahead of his time...
Keywords: UFO; bigfoot; sasquatch; special edition; mothman; yeti; flying saucers; ivan marx; horror; documentary; science fiction; hoax; glowing eyes; fraud; legend
Downloads: 11,008 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(6 reviews)
[movies]THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL 1951 trailer
"Gort, Klaatu barada nikto"
Keywords: movie trailers; sci fi; flying saucers; alien robots; landmark science fiction; Gort; Michael Rennie; Patricia Neal; Sam Jaffe
Downloads: 756
[movies]Stan Deyo - The Technology of the New World Order - Stan Deyo
Stan Deyo - The Technology of the New World Order Ancient of Days 3 UFOs and Biblical Prophecy Conference Roswell, New Mexico July 2nd, 2005 Included in this discussion from 2005 is the history of alternative energy breathroughs, Edward Teller's covert technological development program, the mathematical equations used in the advanced physics as well as in-depth information and slides demonstrating 'anti-gravity', the effort used in the 50s to try to get scientists to think outside the box (writt...
Keywords: UFOs; coverup; conspiracy; New World Order; Illuminati; free energy; suppressed technology; advanced physics; Nikola Tesla; antigravity; flying saucers
Downloads: 11,071
[movies]Headless "Mothman"
A bit hard to see, but this was originally labeled a bigfoot siting. Later it was recatagorized as a "Mothman" sighting after a witness described a headless creature with big reflective eyes.
Keywords: UFO; bigfoot; sasquatch; special edition; mothman; yeti; flying saucers; ivan marx; horror; documentary; science fiction; hoax; glowing eyes; fraud; legend
Downloads: 530
[movies]Bigfoot & Mothman footage
Bigfoot & Mothmen footage
Keywords: UFO; bigfoot; sasquatch; special edition; mothman; yeti; flying saucers; ivan marx; horror; documentary; science fiction; hoax; glowing eyes; fraud; legend
Downloads: 1,128
[audio]Sector 5 Radio..13 November 2010..hour 3 - Dice Media Group
Dickie Shannon and the Sector Five Team go full throttle into the Geek-Fest Hour! Spacey Dave gives his wacky space and science news report; Captain Proton cracks the jokes like a well worn whip; and Dickie Shannon talks science and technology, and keeps the Sector Five Team reigned in from chaotic oblivion!
Keywords: news; UFO; aliens; flying saucers; monsters; technology; space; science; Sector Five Radio; 5; K-Talk; AM 630; Dickie Shannon; Captain Proton; Spacey Dave
Downloads: 4
[audio]ParaNet Continuum Show 57 - Michael Corbin
The ParaNet Continuum radio show #57 (May 14, 1995) hosted by Michael Corbin and featuring Stanton Friedman discussing the Roswell “alien autopsy” film. The second part of the show features researcher Bob Teets, author of West Virginia UFOs: Close Encounters in the Mountain State. Show length 53:12.
Keywords: alien abductions; flying saucers; Stanton Friedman; ParaNet Continuum; Roswell Crash 1947; Ray Santilli; scientific ufology; Bob Teets; UFOs; Unidentified Flying Objects; West Virginia
Downloads: 8
[audio]Flying Saucer Songs Part 2 - Jerry Modjeski; Babs Economon
Part 2 of 2, More UFO & Flying Saucer records: "UFO" by Nina Hagen, The Pixies' "Motorway to Roswell" to "UFO Over Paris," Japanese & Spanish songs. DJ Jerry Modjeski ( Bonus excerpts of Friday Night Poker Party in Outer Space with hosts Babs & Danger Man.
Keywords: UFOs; Flying Saucers; Flying saucer songs; The Pixies; Nina Hagen; Jerry Modjeski; ScorchedEar; Friday Night Poker Party; Babs Economon; Danger Man; KFAI; UFO Update; The Musical Transportation Spree
Downloads: 150
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Flying Saucers (1981)(Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: Flying Saucers (1981)(Tandy)
Keywords: software; tandy; saucers; shack; press; iii; radio; ienteri; computer; corporation; radio shack; flying saucers; tandy corporation; software license; model iii; press ienteri
Downloads: 47
[audio]The Occult Explosion - Nat Feedland
THE OCCULT EXPLOSION Interviews with some of America's leading occult spokes'men and women in their respective fields, explaining their work in their own voices, with a narrative which weaves it all together in an illuminating whole. Experts cover topics such as Astrology, Yoga, Mysticism, UFO's, Withcraft, Satanism, Reincarnation, ESP, Psychic Phenomena, Spiritualism, Indian Magic, and Meditation...
Keywords: Astrology; Yoga; Mysticism; Flying Saucers; Withcraft; Satanism; reincarnation; ESP; UFO; psychic phenomena; occult; magic; spiritualism; indian magic; meditation; Anton La Vey
Downloads: 4,347 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]THE FLYING SAUCER: Strange unidentified object is invading the sky
"THE FLYING SAUCER" is a 1950 American science fiction film, based on an original story by Mikel Conrad who also produced, directed and starred in the movie. The story is about a thrill-packed race between the United States and Russia to capture a flying saucer hindden in the unchartered, avalanche-prone wastelands of Alaska. Movie Info: American Intelligence officials learn that Soviet spies have begun exploring a remote region of the Alaskan Territory in search of answers to the worldwide repo...
Keywords: Flying Saucer; Soviet Spies; Alaska; Alaskan Territory; Mikel Conrad; Soviets; Science Fiction; Flying Saucers; Secret Service; Agent; The Flying Saucer; Sky; Unidentified Object; UFO; Russia; Playboy
Downloads: 105
[movies]Bigfoot: First sasquatch footage shot by the controversial Ivan Marx.
Bigfoot: Ivan Marx first film of a sasquatch. The first sasquatch footage shot by the controversial Ivan Marx.
Keywords: UFO; bigfoot; sasquatch; special edition; mothman; yeti; flying saucers; ivan marx; horror; documentary; science fiction; scifi; hoax; glowing eyes; fraud; legend
Downloads: 1,548 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Flying Saucer Songs Part 1 - Jerry Modjeski
Jerry plays records about UFOs and Flying Saucers with co-host Webcor, alien from Planet X. Music from the 1940s to present, from "We're Going UFOing" by Jimmy Durante to Brave Combo's "Flying Saucer Polka," "Take Me to Your Leader Cha-Cha" by Sam Space and the Cadets, with The Ran-Dells' "Martian Hop" and many more! Broadcast on KFAI, 7-7-01; part one of two.
Keywords: UFOs; Flying Saucers; Flying Saucer songs; The Musical Transportation Spree; Jerry Modjeski; ScorchedEar; UFO Update; KFAI; Jimmy Durante; Brave Combo; The Ran-Dells; Buchanan and Goodman
Downloads: 222 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Arcade Game Manual: Quasar by US Billiards
Technical manual for Quasar by US Billiards. Starting operations, installation & maintenance, game description, switch adjustment, circuit diagrams, parts layout, audio board, parts listing. By US Billiards, Inc., Amityville, NY 11701.
Keywords: game; ship; quasar; Arcade game manual; video game; phase; wrte; switch; aaao; instructions; player; beam; fuses; schematics; flying saucers; energy supply; power supply; monitor cardboard; light beam; high score; button assembly; player ship; push button; control panel
Downloads: 82
[audio]Faded Discs Archive --- The Contactees
"During the early years of Ufology an invasion took place. Serious Ufologists were upstaged in the media by people who claimed they had met martians and been taken aboard flying saucers to other planets. Although serious researchers discounted their stories and tried desperately to exclude these Contactees, as they were called, from the serious side of Ufology, they did not succeed. The Contactees became the dog and pony show at the expense of the scientific study of Ufology...
Keywords: UFOs; contactees; Faded Discs; Wendy Connors; Truman Bethurum; George Hunt Williamson; Orfeo Angelucci; Howard Menger; Rheinhold Schmidt; flying saucers; George Adamski; George Van Tassel; Long John Nebel; George King; Aetherius; Woodrow Derenberger; Daniel Fry
Downloads: 1,438 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]New Worlds v09n25 (Canadian Edition) (1954-09.Nova)
New Worlds v09n25 (Canadian Edition) (1954-09.Nova)
Keywords: ship; quinton; cleevy; galbraith; worlds; daniels; russell; derrick; osborne; berg; science fiction; starvation orbit; flying saucers; ethical question; staying guests; station chief; three years; point contact; flying saucer; dining hall
Downloads: 121
[texts]Spaceman 04 July 1962
Spaceman 04 July 1962
Keywords: space; wolf; postage; moon; flash; philadelphia; hans; captain; gus; outer space; flash gordon; screen thrills; angry red; science fiction; red planet; spacamaa spacamaa; flying saucers; famous monsters; edgar allan
Downloads: 199
[audio]UFO Update: The Real Men in Black - Jerry Modjeski
The MIB experiences of Bob (The Andreasson Affair) Luca; John (Mothman Prophecies) Keel; Albert K. Bender (Flying Saucers and the 3 Men); Jim Dilettoso; Peter Stenshoel. Produced by Jerry Modjeski ( for The Musical Transportation Spree, KFAI (Mpls-St. Paul), and featuring the talents of Mike Nilsson, La Sonorite Jaune, Craig Lang.
Keywords: Craig Lang; UFO Update; Betty Andreasson; Bob Luca; John Keel; Albert Bender; Men in Black; MIBs; ScorchedEar; Peter Stenshoel; Mike Nilsson; Jerry Modjeski; The Musical Transportation Spree; KFAI; Jim Dilettoso; La Sonorite Jaune; Mothman Prophecies; Flying Saucers; aliens; abductions; paranormal
Downloads: 930
[audio]UFO Update Volume 7: The Missing Times & The Black Vault - Jerry Modjeski
UFO Update, a show within a show on The Musical Transportation Spree, KFAI (Mpls-St. Paul), interviewed author Terry Hansen (The Missing Times) on UFOs over nuclear missile silos, and news censorship policies implemented in response to panic created by Orson Welles' 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast. Researcher John (Unsealed: Alien Files) Greenewald Jr. used the Freedom of Information Act to find how much the U.S...
Keywords: UFO Update; scorchedear; Terry Hansen; John Greenewald Jr; Unsealed: Alien Files; The Black Vault; The Missing Times; Orson Welles; War of the Worlds; flying saucers; aliens; The Musical Transportation Spree; Chris Waterbury; La Sonorite Jaune; censorship; cover up; UFO; Update; Jerry Modjeski; MTS; KFAI
Downloads: 68
[audio]More Beer! The Beer Show #2 - Jerry Modjeski & Chuck Isle
Hosts Chuck & Jerry pour over another flask of beer tunes, "I Can't Get my Foot Off The Rail," "How Many Burps in a Bottle of Beer?" "A Swimming Pool Full of Beer," "Seven Beers With the Wrong Man," "51 Beers," and "Beer Can Widowed Wife." Songs about beer by Fear, Frank Zappa, Bonnie Blue Eyes, Louis Prima, Ian Whitcomb, George Jones, Black Flag, The Grateful Dead, Bob Wills, The Replacements, Whoopee John, Beck, Slim Dusty, Sheb Wooley, The Andrews Sisters and more...
Keywords: ScorchedEar; Jerry Modjeski; Chuck Isle; beer; Another Flask of Weird; Stockhausen; UFO Update; Frank Zappa; The Grateful Dead; The Replacements; George Jones; Ian Whitcomb; The Musical Transportation Spree; Little City in Space; Bob Wills; Black Flag; Louis Prima; Fear; Beck; Andrews Sisters; Slim Dusty; J. Allen Hynek; UFOs; flying saucers; Firesign Theatre; Sheb Wooley; Whoopee John
Downloads: 187
[movies]Valiant Thor - The Stranger from Venus At The Pentagon - video collection - dali
Valiant Thor - The Stranger from Venus At The Pentagon
Keywords: Valiant Thor - The Stranger from Venus At The Pentagon ufo billy meier mufon convention flying saucers sausages sfaath pleia asket dalibor japan ovni mexico tall whites semjase mars venus quetzal blue book free energy air force nasa secret government nazi secret underground ww2 uboat south america argentina interdimentional flight time travel inner earth south pol atlantis giants out of space aliens among us dr stranges terra erra howard menger man in black cia fbi pentagram pentagon fingerprints language aaa washington
Downloads: 3,692 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]The Secret Teachings - UFO's & Aliens Week 1 - 4/14/13 - Orion, Nick Carioti, Mike D.
On this episode of The Secret Teachings, Hosted by DJ Orion and Nick Carioti we covered Police Tactics for handling 'Sovereign Citizens', "Anti-Government Extremists', etc, and CNN's ability to find Osama Bin Laden and the Hakken family in Cuba. The main topics and questions: Why all the "UFO" hype? FBI UFO Vault files, What is a UFO?, Why are "aliens & "ufo's" disclosed?, Why are "aliens" & "ufo's" covered up?, Why do we have this association that UFO's are Aliens? , Marilyn Monroe, Declassifie...
Keywords: The D Show; Conspiracy; anti-semetic; masons; NWO; ritual sacrifice; depopulation; computer simulation; drive-thru; modified; hurricane; haarp; islam; solar flares; nibiru; planets; wormwood; solar system; human aliens; all Bilderberg; CFR; Council on Foreign Relations; Religion; Spirituality; Rollins College; 91.5FM; WPRK; DHS; Security; Left Right Paradigm; rdgable.wordpres; U.S Terrorism; Bilderberg; Bohemian Grove; Obama; We are change; Philosophy; time; religion; industry; technology; medicine; religion; air force; flying saucers; ufo; fbi; interplanetary report; phenomenon; marilyn monroe; jfk; aliens; hakken; sovereign citizens; the secret teachings; police tactics; osama bin laden; rosewell; los alamos; nevada; new mexico
Downloads: 146
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